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See Counter Strike 1.6 Steam FAQ

What's STEAM Program?
Steam is a platform that integrates hundreds of games, included all the Counter Strike, Half Life version and its Mods. With this program/platform you will have access to any mod or game of VALVe.

¿How can I know which is my version?
  The installation is straight and easy, very intuitive.
     Steam will only download what is needed for it, thus please download the Steam Program (10 MB), and it will guide you and will download what is needed in your particular case. 
      Currently, all the Steam beginner errors has been solved, so our advice is, don't doubt it, download the Steam file and install it. steaminstall.exe . After installing it you will choose the games you want to install. We have a FAQ where you can resolve all the doubts you might still have. podéis resolver
las (FAQ) HERE

If there were any broken link please, tell us in our email account here. It would be very helpful for us. 

File Description Download Size


ONLY STEAM (you can download CS & HL from Steam)

Official Download 10 MB


Steam + CS 1.6 full  Download from Todocounter.com
379.4 Mb


Steam + CS 1.6 full + HL  Download from Todocounter.com
723.4 Mb

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